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Developed a registered Julia package which quantifies the redundancies in genome-scale metabolic networks and provides local sparse certificates which are both efficiently verifiable and interpretable

Sparse Quantitative Flux Coupling Analysis

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sparseQFCA architecture

sparseQFCA is a registered is a Julia package providing a sparse Quantitative flux coupling analysis(QFCA). It uses parallel processing and is designed for finding flux coupling table and metabolic network reductions, specifically for QuantomeRedNet. Moreover, a Julia implementation of Swift Consistency Checking is also available as a preprocessing subroutine.

sparseQFCA architecture

How to get started

Prerequisites and requirements

:bulb: If you are new to Julia, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the environment first. Use the Julia documentation to solve various language-related issues, and the Julia package manager docs to solve installation-related difficulties. Of course, the Julia channel is another fast and easy way to find answers to Julia specific questions.

Quick Start

To get started, first run import Pkg; Pkg.add("sparseQFCA") to install the sparseQFCA package.


sparseQFCA is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.